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Hair Talk—Vacation Braids vs NYC Curlz

Hola peeps!  I must admit I am still in vacation mode, but I’m slowly transitioning back to NYC life.  My first attempt at returning to my normal routine is going from braids back to my natural curlz.  Most of my trip I experimented with different styles–side braids, big twists and simple buns.  It was great to give my tresses a break  and be carefree but I did miss my big hair.  However I may consider braids as a winter protective style.

This pic was taking in Cahuita National Park- Limon, Costa Rica. It was one of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches that I have ever been to. We were surrounded by a protected national park that was filled with not only gorgeous oceanic views but tons of wildlife. This hairstyle—side braid was a fave of mine!
This pic was taken Playa Piuta after a morning run up hills and on rough terrain. It was difficult but the greatest reward was to be able to take in God’s beautiful work. I was rocking a simple bun here.
Here I am with my curlz in full force on my way to shows for New York Fashion Week.

Overall I had a wonderful trip but I must succumb to the fast life in NYC and convert to my curlz.  Which one do you like best—braids or my natural do?  Also do you switch up your hairstyles on vacation?  Do tell.



Taking a break—VACATION!

Hola peeps!  Just wanted to check in and let you know we are on vacation until Sept 5th.  Do not worry we will be back in time for the start of fashion week!  So hold on tight and if you want follow me on instagram for vacay pics.  Enjoy!

My hiatus….

Hola!  I hope all is well…are you still trying to recuperate from the long weekend?  Well, I am as it is so hard to get back into the swing of things…in other words work!  I just wanted to share with you some pics from my little hiatus this weekend.  I was able to kick back with my fam for some much-needed R & R and enjoy one of my fave pastimes–being near the water!  Even though I am not a good swimmer (well my bf says that I cannot swim ;o) but I have always loved the ocean, lake, pool or anything with H2O. I think that it is because it reminds me of my childhood when my entire fam would go to the state park and cookout near the lake (good times). 

Check the pics below as they are a mixture of me just hanging out enjoying nature at the Inner Harbor, downtown Baltimore.  It was a really cool vibe there this past weekend–food, music, drinks, boats, and water rides!  Simply perfect summer fun!  Please check it out if you are ever in the area.  Enjoy!

Hitting the Road!
Feeling Free!
Science Museum---such a nerd ;o)
Check out those curlz!
Inner Harbor- Go for a ride!
Showing off..lol!
Inner Harbor- Downtown Baltimore
Night fall...
Cooling Off at the end of the Day
On the road again- homebound!

Images: All pics are the sole property of SNC… aka all mine!  Please do not take without permission.