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Fashion Insider on the Move—Straight To The League

Hola peeps!  A few weeks ago I attended Nolcha Fashion Lounge which was held a few days after Nolcha Fashion Week.  There I met the owner and team of the clothing company- Straight to The League.  I think their About Us section explains what they do best: “Straight To The League is a clothing company… that’s NOT about obligations, titles or regrets! We are movement that promotes greatness on all levels and the mentality and  mindset that says; I can accomplish anything!”

What caught my attention where the super soft organic cotton tees.  The team informed me that a portion of the proceeds from that collection is donated to a charity.  Doesn’t that just warm your heart?  Well it definitely warms mine!  Take a peek at some of them below.

Ecru Faded FlagEcru Faded Flag White

OGtee-MossVerdant Faded FlagVerdant Signature Organic Logo

Also ladies no need to fret because we can shop the brand too; they have League Lady especially for us.  I am really happy to see a line that is socially aware with cool designs and great price points.  Straight to the League is definitely a Fashion Insider on the Move—>Congrats!