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Friday Sass—Whimsical Chic

Hola! Happy Friday guys!  Today’s sass—Whimsical Chic is a bit fresh, light, and oh so right. The snow has been treacherous and all I can think of is warm weather.  This look is perfect for Spring transition.  Oh well a few more months to go, I suppose a girl can dream can’t she?



New Year’s Eve Sass….What to Wear

Hola! Are you gearing up for the New Year?  I am still debating on what my plans are if any…one minute I want to mix/mingle and then again chillin is on the brain.  Just wanted to share some outfits that you can rock to ring in 2011 whether you are in or out.  Enjoy!

Rockerish Chic

Cire Trudon, Swarovski, Lush, Miu Miu, Yves Saint Laurent
Young, Fun, and Fancy-free

Urban Sophistication