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Denim. Leather. Curlz.

Hola peeps!  Sharing a pic of Rihanna—loving the fresh face, relaxed attire and curlz.  I really want to try a different hairstyle and this look that she is rocking—loose semi-curlz could definitely be worth a try.  I think I can achieve a similar look with a roller set.  What are your thoughts?



On My Radar—Jackets w/Leather Sleeves

Hola!  Funny I have been on the prowl for a jacket with leather sleeves then I opened my inbox and WhoWhatWear has the same obsession.   This seems to be a key piece of the season as I have seen looks from Zara, H&M, and tons of other stores jumping on this trend.  I like it because depending on the look it can be dressed up or down which I love!  Here are a few that I pulled from their site that are my faves.  What do you think?


Rihanna—Curlz, Style and Vacay!

Hola peeps!  How is everything?  I hope all good as this week has been a wild one and based on the possibility of the hurricane hitting NYC this weekend won’t be any different.  Stay blessed. 

Now back to the post at hand—Rihanna!  She is vacationing in the South of France and is sporting a new ‘do as well as laid-back vacay style.  I am loving that she has gone back to brown **that red was too harsh** and is rocking soft subtle waves.  Her look…well I don’t know what to really say about this one so you be the judge—black bandeau top, whimsical printed sarong, and gold Christian Louboutin heels.  Do U Like?


Coachella…My two fave looks…

Hola!  The blogosphere was abuzz all weekend with Coachella on the brain.  I just wanted to share my two fave picks from the style- athon/music festival.  What do you think…do you have a fave looks?

I adore that Rihanna mixed it up a bit with prints and cut-offs!
Nicole nails it everytime with her boho chic looks!

What I’m Diggin Wednesday—Rihanna

Hola!  Welcome to hump day!  I must admit I am not the biggest fan of Rihanna, at times I think that she is a bit too much.  However I am happy to see that she is back to the fun and vibrant tunes again, which is why “What’s My Name” is what I’m diggin today.  In this vid she looks like she is happy, having a good time and really just being herself.  Being oneself is truly the best way to let your inner light shine!  I also love the NYC imagery —sometimes it is weird to see NYC shots in vids because I have to remind myself I too live in that great city on the screen….wow.  Enough of my rambling, enjoy!


Monday’s Muse–Rihanna

Hola! I hope that you had a fab weekend and now back to work ;o(  In order to lighten the mood check today’s muse- Rihanna.  I know, i know some may say that she has borrowed some of her style choices from the likes of Grace Jones, Madonna, and the list could go on but one thing is for sure her ensembles are always daring.  However, at times i do sigh to myself–“hum i’ve seen this before” but then she adds a bit of shock value to her look to flip it altogether.  Check the following pics…what do you think—is she overrated or a young fashion icon in the making?  Do tell……