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BV Hair Talk- Hairstyles from the 2010 Essence Music Festival

Hola! If you are like me you may be feeling like you need a little hair inspiration right now, if so check out the BV Hair Talk video from the Essence Music Festival this past weekend.  Now, not all ladies are natural but they where rocking some cute styles whether relaxed, weaved up or wigged out! I like…. Tell me what do you think? 

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Remembering Michael Jackson

Hola!  This post today is dedicated to none other than the man, the icon, the one and only– Mr. Michael Jackson.  It is sad to think that it was a year ago today that the legend passed away in L.A.  However with all the sadness and grief we must rejoyce and let him live on, never forget– his music, his kind spirit, and his style!  “Remember the Times” is one of my fave MJ songs!  Check the video – the dancing, the set, the wardrobe is sick!  Love it!  RIP MJ…WE ❤ U 4EVER!


What I’m Diggin Wednesday – Nas & Damian Marley

Hola!  I hope that your week is going smoothly.  Well this video says it all right now- Patience!  Omg it is so key for me right now!  You know how it is,  life tends to take over and we all get so caught up that we forget to set back and wait patiently.  I have always loved Nas’s music since “If I Ruled the World” with Lauren Hill and we cannot forget the crazy energy that Damian brings with his reggae jams.  They have a show coming up soon in Brooklyn on July 31st at the Williamsburg Waterfront and I am trying my best to be there!  Check out more info here.  Don’t forget to pick up their album it is crazy good!

Live Chat with Bre Scullark and Chrisette Michele on Natural Hair

Hola!  I  hope all is well with ya!  I wanted to tell you guys to tune into ESSENCE.com on Wednesday, June 23rd at 7p.m. ET for a live chat about natural hair.  Bre Scullark (luv her), Chrisette Michele (her too)and Tippi Shorter are a few names that were dropped to peak your interest!  They will all be live chatting away about kinks, curls, and waves; so if you want to chime in then click the link to sign  up.  This is a good panel so don’t miss out.  Enjoy!

Sign Up for Our Live Chat on Natural Hair.

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Monday’s Muse–Rihanna

Hola! I hope that you had a fab weekend and now back to work ;o(  In order to lighten the mood check today’s muse- Rihanna.  I know, i know some may say that she has borrowed some of her style choices from the likes of Grace Jones, Madonna, and the list could go on but one thing is for sure her ensembles are always daring.  However, at times i do sigh to myself–“hum i’ve seen this before” but then she adds a bit of shock value to her look to flip it altogether.  Check the following pics…what do you think—is she overrated or a young fashion icon in the making?  Do tell……