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Monday’s Muse—Pat Cleveland

Hola! Welcome to the 1st full work week of the new year!  I hope that you all are good and looking forward to a brighter and better future.  This year’s first Monday’s Muse is none other than the fab and gorgeous former model Pat Cleveland. She is a great fashion icon of the 70’s that is still doing it up today.  Love her! In the great words of Ms. Cleveland:

“Fashion gives you that extra something. It helps make the world an interesting place to live in because it is part of life. Thank God for fashion.” Honey magazine, 2002







Interested in modeling?? Check this out….

Hola!  Ok, calling all fashionistas/modelistas **i seriously think the “ista” thing is played out** V Magazine wants YOU!  What do they want, you may ask….to model!  They are not biased so whether you are short, tall, curvy or skinny they are urging you to apply.  The deadline for submission is Nov. 10th, send your info to casting@vmagazine.com.  Click here to check it all out.  Good Luck!


Monday’s Muse—Fatima Siad

Hola!  Welcome to the work week.  Today’s muse is the beautiful Fatima Siad, you may have seen her on America’s Next Top Model but she can also be seen in tons of ads and mags.  I loved her spread in the July issue of Marie Claire magazine and her hair even more!  My hair wants to be like her’s when it grows up 😮  Enjoy!








Do U Like? Looklet’s Newest Natural Model—Jazz

Hola!  Happy Saturday! I’m kicking back and enjoying my time off.  What are your plans for the Labor Day weekend?   One of my fave lazy downtime things to do is playing around on Looklet.  It is a fashion site where you can choose your model, clothes, accessories, and background to create the set you want.  This is a great way to test out looks for yourself or even better if you are a stylist or in the fashion biz and need to explore different options.  It is like being your own stylist and mag editor at the same time.  I love it!

I was even more thrilled when they added Jazz a new Black Natural model to the crew.  Her hair is gorg, it looks very soft and lush.  She is fab and it is very easy to dress her in daring and simple looks.  Check out how I fancied up Miss Jazz below.  Tell me do u like?

Look Image


Look Image



Look Image




Monday’s Muse—Liya Kebede

Hola!  Welcome to another work week, I hope that you had a great weekend!  Today’s muse is none other the fab and gorgeous Liya Kebede.  She is a wife, mother, supermodel, designer and a philanthropist.  Hailing from Ethiopia, she started modeling in France then relocated to NYC to continue and she hasn’t stopped yet.  Catch her on the cover of Vogue, walking the catwalk, and in several ads everywhere.  This lady is truly unstoppable.  Love her!Liya Kebede Picture Gallery

Liya Kebede Picture Gallery


Liya Kebede Picture Gallery


Liya Kebede Picture Gallery




Monday’s Muse—Donyale Luna

Hola!  Welcome to Monday!  I hope that you had an exciting weekend.  For today’s muse I wanted to pay tribute to Donyale Luna the first notable black fashion model and first Black American model to grace the cover of British Vogue.  She was born and raised in Detroit in 1945 as Peggy Ann Freeman.  Yet she always had strange stories which she told others that her biological father’s last name was Luna and her mother was of Mexican/Afro-Eygtian descent, while none of it has been proved true or not that is how the name “Donyale Luna” evolved. 

After being discovered by photographer David McNabe she eventually moved to New York to pursue modeling.  Standing at 6′ 2″, thin, and bright blue contacts, she was a force to be reckoned with.  She also appeared in films, the most popular was Salome, and was admired and cast by Andy Warhol in several of his films.  However, with all the fame, glitz, and glam tragic did follow and it took her life.  She died in 1979 of a drug overdose in Rome.  Ms. Luna is survived by a sole daughter, Dream Cazzaniga who to this day is a famed dancer/singer, and actress in Rome. 

While it did seem that she had some slight identity issues, you cannot deny that she did break barriers and opened doors for models today.  To read more about her life, click here

Image sources: www.fanpix.net and www.minimadmodmuses.multiply.com


Live Chat with Bre Scullark and Chrisette Michele on Natural Hair

Hola!  I  hope all is well with ya!  I wanted to tell you guys to tune into ESSENCE.com on Wednesday, June 23rd at 7p.m. ET for a live chat about natural hair.  Bre Scullark (luv her), Chrisette Michele (her too)and Tippi Shorter are a few names that were dropped to peak your interest!  They will all be live chatting away about kinks, curls, and waves; so if you want to chime in then click the link to sign  up.  This is a good panel so don’t miss out.  Enjoy!

Sign Up for Our Live Chat on Natural Hair.

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