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Review—My Miss Jessie’s Curl Bar Experience

Hola!  I hope all is good!  This coming October will mark my four-year nappiversary and would you know I have not been to a salon the entire time!  I have trimmed, styled and maintained my own hair through the transition phase up to now.  I’m use to it because in the past I would relax and style my own hair prior to this natural journey anyway.  However the past few months I’ve been contemplating going to a professional stylist for some hair TLC.  Well this past Wednesday I finally decided to treat myself so I headed downtown to Miss Jessie’s Curl Bar salon.  They were having a 25% off special, the reviews were pretty good and I’ve tried their products before so I thought–why not?

I walked in and was immediately greeted, offered snacks/drinks and had my picture taken (for my hairstory/records).  The salon was very nice yet smaller than I had imagined but still quaint.  I opted to get the Buttercut Go Go which is a cut and WNG; they use the “Butterfly Method” whereas multiple stylists may flutter about working on your hair to ensure the best and quick service.   Within 10 mins I was in the chair of the 1st stylist having my consultation and then off to wash.

I had the crazy girl look…lol! I was just a wee bit nervous about the cut that was about to go down.

After my wash I was placed under the dryer for about 15 mins in order to prep for my blow-out which followed immediately by a 2nd stylist. I must say I was terrified of heat damage (see my scary face in the pic above) but it was low heat for the most part and quick so I got over it. Once all of that was done I was now ready for my cut/trim with the 3rd stylist.  I explained to her that I really wanted a trim and shaping not necessarily a drastic cut.  She explained everything that she was doing and asked for my approval the entire time–perfect!

Loving my hair!

I made it through the trim now on to the final steps—styling.  I was back in the hands of the 1st stylist and she suggested that I use Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue for my tresses.  I was down to give it a try since I’ve only used the Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding before.  She washed and rinsed my strands then shingled the product through with her fingers.  Again I was placed under the dryer for about 20 mins to set my hair.  Afterwards she diffused to make sure that my roots weren’t damp, picked/fluffed and viola what you see is what you get (see pic above)!

Bangs and fluffed hair!

When I got home I played around with it more by fluffing to make it even bigger and pulled some curlz forward to create bangs.  My curls are popping and it looks much healthier!  My overall experience was great as they were very professional, knowledgeable and quick.  They also gave me a goodie bag filled with over 20 sample packets!  If you are seeking a fix for your curlz then I highly recommend Miss Jessie’s Curl Bar.  You have nothing to lose as you can make an appointment or walk in.  Go here for deets on services, prices, and times.  Enjoy!

*Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.  I paid for all of my services at the salon.*


Product Review—Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls

Hola peeps!  As I sit here typing this post I can hear the howling winds of Sandy beat against my window.  I pray for all of my fellow NY’ers and anyone in the hurricane’s path—stay safe, alert and watch your local news.

Now on to today’s review—Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls.  A few weeks ago I covered an event and to my surprise in the gift bag was a full-size version of this product!  I have read what other bloggers had to say about it but I was eager to try it out for myself.  Here is a snippet of what their site said about Pillow Soft Curls:

“Miss Jessie’s PILLOW SOFT CURLS™ is the new styling lotion that borrows fabric care technology and marries it to haircare.   If you don’t want ramen noodle definition and instead want a larger, expanded, fluffy curl then PILLOW SOFT CURLS™ is for you! It’s the first “fabric softener” type styling lotion  that will leave your curls clothesline fresh and fluffy soft.”

Top Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Emulsifying Wax NF, Glycerin, Amodimethicone,  Behentrimonium Chloride, Methyl Gluceth-20, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Guar  Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Blue 1 (CI 42090), Fragrance (Parfum), Limonene, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil, Safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius) Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil…go here for the complete list.

After I washed and conditioned my hair I began to work the it through my hair section by section.  I noticed immediately how easily my hair absorbed the creamy product which I like.  However, the smell was a bit overbearing…don’t get me wrong the fresh fabric softener scent is great on clothes but I don’t like it in my hair. Once all in I let my hair air dry which took about an hour for it to do so.  I was left with very soft, touchable and bouncy hair.  Take a peek at the results…love it!

So what do you think…do you like?  Will you be giving it a try or have you already?  Please feel free to share and/or ask additional questions.  If you are interested in trying out Pillow Soft Curls or any of their other products Miss Jessie’s offers free samples.  Go here to get them now.  Enjoy!

Miss Jessie’s Curl Bar

Hola amigos!  Shame on me for being tardy for the party—Miss Jessie’s Curl Bar that is (thks to fellow curly girl Danielle for putting me on!).  They opened for business on March 12 with the intent to offer quick/simple service all at budget friendly prices (compared to what they charge at their salon).  Curl Bar is located in Soho and offers a slew of services for curlz on the go.  Take a peek at their menu:

Miss Jessie’s Salon
441 Broadway, Suite 2
(Between Grand & Howard)
New York, NY 10013
Monday through Friday from 10am-6pm.

To Book Appointments Contact:
Walk-ins Welcome!
Appointments take priority over Walk-ins.

I think that this is a great concept as we all know how hectic it can be to keep up with hair appointments these days.  Perfect for an after work pick me up for yourself or a special treat for friend.  Have you gone to the Curl Bar or better yet will you be going?  Do tell… 


Natural Hair Scene—Baltimore style

Hola peeps!  I hope that your weekend is going great.  As for me I am dragging a bit, I blame the last holiday weekend  **hard to get back into the swing**.  If you are a fb fan then you know that I mentioned I attended the African-American Arts Festival in Baltimore while visiting fam for the 4th.  It was a two-day festival of food, culture, music, crafts and fun!  I was able to snap a few shots of the natural hair scene and festivities of the weekend.  Enjoy!

Miss Jessie's ladies
the goods that saved my holiday curlz....thanks Miss Jessie's ladies!
mini curlz cutie posing for a pic
check the side view...i may
blond fade + big bow= naturally fab!
caught in mid-pick...she was making her fro larger!
mommy and me curlz...so sweet
African artifacts....this sculpture was so life-like
hand-crafted jewelry
my niece Angel rocking her braid-out fro...<3<3
crowd control listening/watching Charlie Wilson perform
dancing water and night fall....love it!

There are more pics that I will eventually add to the fb page so be sure to check it out.  So did you rock your ‘fro on the 4th?  Do tell…share pics!


Miss Jessie’s is taking over Soho- July 11th

Hola!  Ok, I am sure that you all have heard that Miss Jessie’s is opening a new salon & store in Soho.  The ribbon cutting ceremony is tomorrow, July 11th from noon-4pm and they are inviting everyone to stop by and check it out!  If you live in or are visiting the NYC area tomorrow then this would be a perfect way to learn more about their products, meet other naturals, snag a chance at a giveaway, and free consultations with owners Miko, Titi, and their fab team.  Up until recently these sisters only had their Brooklyn salon, but recently branched out by selling their products to mass merchants such as Target and now a grand opening in Soho—can we say unstoppable?!?!  Click here to check their site and to RSVP.  Hope to you see you guys there!

Image source: www.stylist.com