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Faces of Essence

Hola peeps!  I am sure that you all may have heard that Essence Magazine EIC- Constance C. R. White fired Managing Editor Michael Bullerick for sharing racist comments on his personal Facebook page.  I won’t go into the details but if you like check out the full article here.  However, after reading comments on various sites that Essence is at fault for hiring a white male instead of a black female or that their journalists has been doing a poor job in the story department, etc I had to speak on it. 

I am not one of those crazy stans but I do enjoy reading Essence and I appreciate that they are a magazine geared towards black women but is relatable to all women AND men. The stories are similiar to other mags—love/relationships, shopping, entertainment, travel, politics and more.  From what I have noticed they have actually improved; they focus more on youth education, personal finance management, health care, and one of my personal faves BLOGGERS 🙂  I have nothing but respect for what they have done in the past *one of the trailblazers in black media*, love their present articles and look forward to what they have in store for the future.

I don’t condone any type of racism—whether it be whites against blacks, blacks against whites, or latinos against asians, etc.  We are all human and we need to learn to love and live in this world together.  Do you agree?  Chime in…