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Influenced by Suede Magazine circa 2005!

Hola peeps!  I hope all is good.  My closet swap is still in progress and I am trying to rework what I already have instead of running out to purchase new goods **so tempting**.  As of late I have been resorting to my massive magazine collection for ideas and since everything old is new again it will give me a fresh perspective on how to mix and match what I currently own.

I pulled out my April 2005 issue of SUEDE magazine.  This is an oldie but definitely a goodie.  If you weren’t lucky enough to browse the pages of this glossy mag which was filled with vibrant pics that always reflected urban and ethnic beauties and products then here are few images to get acquainted.

2005 = 2011

-wide-legged pants are in

-Tyra on top and in the spotlight

-bright colors and prints are on point

-natural chicas are reppin

**Best believe I will NOT be throwing out my vintage mags, wide-legs and I am natural for life!  Enjoy!

Suede mag-2005

nice...this lovely pic is from their Winter 2004 issue
even President Obama was in Suede before he even thought about running...



Black Beauties—Fearless Magazine Shoot

Hola!  Is it only me or does the weekend always seem to fly by? Anyway….FEARLESS Magazine is honoring fly up and coming Young Black Hollywood actresses.  Tia Mowry, Lauren London, and Kyla Pratt are just a few of the lovely ladies that participated in the cover shoot.  This shoot was put together by the Editorial Director, Arian Simone, as a way to celebrate women of color since they were slighted by other mag’s “Hollywood Issues”.  That definitely didn’t spoil the mood for these ladies, looks like they had fun on set…it is great to see young, talented, and beautiful black women doing their thing.  However, I would have liked to see a natural chica (you know I had to say it)in the crew.  Jennifer Freeman is the only one that is letting her natural locks flow.   I still think that the mag did a great job and many thanks for celebrating black beauty!




got questions?? i have answers…

Hola!  So are you having a problem today–can’t decide what to wear or if those shoes are in/out?  Head on over to my column “Ask Wendy”  which can be found in Liberating Style Magazine, I answer questions concerning fashion dilemmas to advising on next season’s “IT” item.  The  August issue is hot off the press and filled with articles about culture, music, and style.  Remember you are not alone in this big bad world, I am always here at SNC or hit me up on the column and together we will conquer this thing called FASHION!  Enjoy!