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Monday’s Muse—Halloween Halle

Hola peeps!  I hope that you had a fab weekend, as mine was pretty cool.  Dinner, drinks and a little shoe shopping filled my birthday weekend.  It was all good and now back to work!  Today’s muse is gorgeous Halle Berry.  I chose her since it is Halloween and she was such a badass Catwomen that it just fits the mood.  That would definitely be my costume choice ONLY if my abs were as tight as hers in that outfit…haha.  Oh and let’s not forget that awhile ago she was letting her curlz flow with long extensions.  Check out the pics below.

What your plans for Halloween?  What are you dressing up as?  Do tell…



Halle’s Hair in “Frankie & Alice”

Hola! I hope all is good.  Just a quickie here…hummmmm I am loving Halle’s ‘do in the movie “Frankie & Alice” Her hair in the pics looks so much like my own which is why it caught my eye.  The movie was snubbed by critics, but now I kinda want to see it just because of the hair.  What do you think….like or no?