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Monday’s Muse—Sage Steele

Hola peeps!  I hope that you had a great weekend as I did!  Today’s muse is the host of ESPN and ABC’s NBA Countdown—Sage Steele.    It is great to see a woman of color headlining a sports show and to top it off she rocks her natural curlz proudly.  I have greatly enjoyed her commentary during the NBA Finals and look forward to much more from her.  Follow her on twitter and facebook.  Enjoy!

Source: Sage Steele Facebook



Product Review—Miss Jessies Multicultural Curls

Hola peeps!  I hope all is good, today I have a very much overdue Miss Jessies Multicultural Curls product review for you.  I have tried several of their products before so when I stumbled upon this in Target I knew I had to give it a try!  Please note that this is not a sponsored post as this review is based on my opinion.


This is what I did:

  • Washed and oiled my hair as usual.
  • Used Miss Jessies Leave-in Condish which had pretty decent slip and it smelled good.
  • Then detangled my hair and put it in four sections to prepare to add the styler.
  • Proceeded to coat and shingle the Multicultural Curls throughout my hair.  As I am doing this I noticed that it wasn’t melting in but instead sitting on my hair.  That was the first sign that it was a no no.
  • Once the product was all in I felt that it was too light for my kinky/coily/curly hair so I did what I had to do—applied my trusty EcoStyler Gel on top of it for extra hold.
  • My curlz were somewhat revived but I had to really work it in my hair so I didn’t leave a white coating on top.
  • At last once dry I fluffed  my hair and what you see is what I got.




I am not sure how I feel about this product as you can see that from my slight smile. It is not the worst product I have tried yet it definitely isn’t their best! However I just may give it another go since I still have tons left; perhaps diffusing will help. Overall on a scale of 1-10 I give this a 6 for now. There you have it, my review. Have you tried this or will you? Do tell.

National Hair Revolution Day!

Hola peeps!  Happy Saturday!  Strength of Nature declares today National Hair Revolution Day.  The makers of African Pride, Beautiful Textures, Mega Growth, Proline, Elasta QP, Soft & Beautiful and TCB wanted to unite woman of all textures an style choices.  So be proud of your hair however you rock it and follow #myhairrevolution on all social media platforms.  Also check out all of their badges on their pinterest page here.  Enjoy!

#REPOST Help spread the word about Hair Revolution Day with the hashtag (#MyHairRevolution). It's your hair, your choice. Celebrate the way you decide to wear it!


New Haircare Product—Vibrance Vitamins

Hola peeps!  I hope all is well.   I am sure that you have seen several companies on social media promoting hair vitamins well today I am sharing with you Vibrance Vitamins.  The use of these supplements claims to aid in thicker and longer hair.  Here is a bit of what they say about their products:

Indications: Taken to promote healthy hair, Vibrance provides essential vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts to support thicker, longer, and more vibrant hair.

Benefits of Vibrance Hair Vitamins:

OptiMSM, a natural compound containing sulfur, feeds your hair with the building blocks it needs to grow. When you take a supplement like Vibrance which contains this compound, your hair grows much more rapidly. Biotin, this vitamin makes your hair more elastic. The more elastic your hair is, the less brittle and breakable it is. Biotin strengthens your hair, and keeps split ends from forming. Other key ingredients in Vibrance include vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin B complex, iodine, selenium, copper, horsetail extract, green and black tea extract, gingko extract, and more. Please see Product Details for full list.   image I must admit I haven’t been consistent with taking these.  I only took them for about a week then stopped, so I cannot give a complete review.  In the short time that I did take them I didn’t have any side effects or nausea but it does state to take before a meal with water.  Just remember that everyone is different, as it states on the bottle consult with a physician before taking them if you are nursing, pregnant or taking any prescription medications.

However if you are interested in giving them a try go here to buy and use discount code EUN15OFF for 15% off!  Please let me know if you do purchase them and I will keep you informed as well.  Happy Hair Growth!

Disclosure:  The parent company Eu Natural provided the vitamins (free of charge) however opinions are solely my own.

WIDW—Beyoncé with Curlz

Hola peeps!  Queen Bey has been out and about lately sporting a new curly ‘do (yes it is a weave but still cute).  I’m definitely digging it, especially paired with the minimal makeup—flawless!  Are you feeling it?  Do tell.

2  Beyonce Brooklyn Nets Game Torn by Ronny Kobo Mali Mosaic Crop Top, Matching Celeste Pencil Skirt, and Kenzo Net Covered Hat

2 Beyonce Brooklyn Nets Game Torn by Ronny Kobo Mali Mosaic Crop Top and Matching Celeste Pencil Skirt



Photos: Beyoncé’s Instagram

Product Review—Curly Kids Mixed Hair Haircare

Hola peeps!  This review is long overdue…..I have been using Curly Kids Mixed Hair Haircare products for about 2 months now and it was love at first try!  I discovered the brand on Instagram (follow me @sassncurlz) and participated in a kids contest they were having in collaboration with Curly Girl Collective.  Quick SN: I entered my niece and she won their entire product line!  So after that I was intrigued to try them out for myself.  Take a peek at the ingredients:

Curly Gel Moisturizer and Curl Defining Lotion: Water (Aqua), Carbomer, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Tetrasodium EDTA, PEG-75 Lanolin, Polysorbate 20, Triethanolamine, Fragrance (Parfum), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, DMDM Hydantoin, Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten

Here is how it all went down:

–I washed and conditioned my hair as normal then proceeded to do the LOC (leave-in, oil, cream) Method.

–Whenever I use creamy styling products I like to use a water-based leave-in conditioner so I went with my old faithful-Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner.

–Then I drenched my curlz with Castor Oil paying close attention to my ends.

–Next I used the Curly Kids Curl Defining Lotion for my cream.  It is not sticky, the scent is kind of bland almost non-existent and it went on smoothly—love it!  I could’ve stopped there as this is great if you want a big fluffy fro, however I continued on to the next step.

–After I smoothed the cream in my hair I applied the Gel Moisturizer because I wanted more hold.  The gel is clear and is a little thicker (IMO) then say Eco Styler Gel.  I liked that it worked well with the Curl Defining Lotion as it didn’t flake nor felt hard on my hair.  So that put a big smile on my face!

–Last I finished off with my usual style–a Wash and Go.

Keep scrolling to see pics of the different styles I rocked!

This look was a simple WNG using both products.
Another WnG pulled to the side and accessorized with big patterned bow.
A fluffed out WnG—big hair don’t care!

What are your thoughts?  Overall I give these products a 8 out of 10.  My only con is the 6oz sizes.  I have a ton of hair so they don’t last, I am already on my 2nd jar of each!  I purchased mine at my local beauty supply store and nothing was over $3.79.  Can’t beat that at all!  However go here on amazon if you want buy.  Have you tried any of their products or do you plan to?  Let’s talk about it…leave a comment below 🙂

Disclosure:  This is NOT a sponsored post as I purchased all products and this review is based on my honest opinion.