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Kingston’s Street Side Salon

Hola!  I hope you all are having a fab week!  I was reading one of my fave blogs today, Afrobella she interviewed  Anna Alissa Hitzemann whom is a 23 yr old filmmaker.  She did a documentary called Street Side Salon where she filmed the women in downtown Kingston doing hair, nails, and lashes all on the street.  When you think of this it does seem unsanitary but once you view the video you can see why people go.  These women are truly talented in more ways than one and the marketplace is live and vibrant.  As Afrobella pointed out it is a little difficult to think that these women may be working now considering the current conditions in Jamaica.  If that is the case I pray that they all remain safe and peace come upon their land.   Tell me would you let them do your hair or nails?  Click the links to see and find out more…