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Kara Laricks & Saks Fifth Avenue

Hola!  Happy Friday to you all!  Yesterday we showed you the H&M collection of Fashion Star winner Kara Laricks; however as the winner she also had to design a collection for each buyer/price point.  As H&M is the lower tier and today’s Saks Fifth Ave collection is of course is the higher tier.   I can definitely see the resemblance in both collections yet SFA is a bit more sophisticated with a side of glam *i wouldn’t expect anything less from Saks*.   Check it out!

Shop Kara Laricks' SFA Winning Collection

The fab Coco Rocha modeled the looks show here and I am loving that they styled her hair in a big curly fro.  If you like what you see then go here to purchase.  Happy Shopping 🙂


Fashion Star Winner—Kara Laricks H&M Collection

Hola peeps!  The weekend is almost here and I can’t wait to just chill out!  So did you all watch the winner of Fashion Star?  Well, I must admit I didn’t either but I have pics of Kara Laricks and the cool H&M Collection of hers.  I am already eyeing a few pieces that I would like to get my hands on.  Pieces are being sold in stores and you can go here to purchase her collection.  Happy shopping!

Joan Smalls models the Kara Laricks collection for H&M.  Which pieces are your faves?  Do tell…


Did you watch Fashion Star?

Hola peeps!  Quickie question—did you watch Fashion Star on NBC last night?  If so what are your thoughts on the designers, mentors, judges—the show overall.  However, if you missed it or don’t even know what I am talking about then think of Fashion Star as a mixture of American Idol, The Voice, and Project Runway rolled up together then topped of with a bit of pizazz!  Here is a snippet:

The show is hosted by the gorgeous Elle Macpherson, mentors are Jessica Simpson, John Varvatos, and Nicole Richie.  The designers however must impress the judges— buyers from Macy’s, Saks, and H&M in order to get an offer to have their clothing sold in their stores.  I like the concept, yet my only gripe is I wish they changed up on the buyers weekly.  However, I suppose they picked good ones from every tier group in the market (budget, better, and best).  So did you watch or will you be watching next week?  Do tell…