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Friday Sass—Office Holiday Party

Hola!  Happy Friday to you all!  This week has been heavy on all of us therefore letting lose is definitely needed hence today’s sass—Office Holiday Party.  It’s that time of year again when you dress up then head out to drink egg nog and rub elbows with your fellow coworkers.  I think that this dress and Louboutin heels combo is perfect as it is festive yet not revealing, prep your curls with Kinky-Curly and spritz a bit of BCBG For Her to smell fresh.  Go out and enjoy the party!

Office Holiday Party

Friday Sass—Casual Christmas

Hola!  Happy Friday!  Today’s post—Casual Christmas is one of the holiday themed Friday Sass posts that you will see within the next few weeks.  I don’t know about you but for some reason I almost always associate plaid with Christmas.  It could be the colors or patterns but whatever it is I feel that it’s befitting for the season.  Pair the pants with a tough leather moto jacket, sky-high Christian Louboutins and a touch of chic with a Chanel bag.  I think that this look is not overly done but just right for the holidays!  Do you agree?

"Casual Christmas" by sassiegirl on Polyvore

Friday Sass—Casually Cool Lust//Must

Hola!  Happy Friday!  It’s officially the season of giving shopping and I love it.  It is unfortunate that my bank account doesn’t adore my high brow taste level.  Well today’s sass—Casually Cool Lust//Must is an example of how I make them work together so I can get what I want.  I usually take inspiration from designers (lust) to create my bargain(must) find.  You may not get exactly what you want but stores like H&M, Uniqlo, Target and more are great for fashionable finds on a budget.

Casually Cool Lust//Must

A cableknit sweater, skinnies, leopard print flats and a big bag is the perfect laid-back weekend outfit.  Don’t you agree?  As you can see there is no need to go broke to look good because you can always shop on a budget.  Why not use the money you save and actually enjoy the weekend.  Happy shopping!

Friday Sass—Fashion Fanatics

Hola peeps!  Sorry I’ve been a MIA this week I’ve been busy.  Well I am here today with your sass—Fashion Fanatics.  Mixing prints and patterns are still in for fall, as well as the pairing of white and black colors.  Why not give it a try, take a risk and give it a go!  Like the text say ‘Reset your eyes.  Erase your mind.’  Have a fab weekend chicas!

Fashion Fanatics

Friday Sass—Fashion Without Limitations

Hola peeps!  Happy Friday!  Today’s sass is a representation of my personal style—Fashion Without Limitations.  I adore this look as I have been obsessed with boyfriend jeans since spring, crop tops are on trend and who doesn’t love Louboutins!  This outfit can be worn on a night out with the girls, dinner with your beau or for frolicking around the city alone when you want all eyes on you.  Some may think why the dark colors—it’s summer?  Well why not?  I tend to wear black often but I do switch it.  However I don’t let the season dictate the type of clothes that I wear.  I will rock dark colors, jeans and booties even in 90 degree weather if it looks good.  I think that fashion should be fun, so why not let your personal style shine through without being limited.  Take risks and stand out from the crowd…enjoy!

Fashion Without Limitations

Friday Sass—Print and Color

Hola!  It’s Friday…yippy!  Today’s sass features LaLa Anthony and a tribal print cut out dress that I could definitely see her wearing.  It would fit her frame perfectly by showing just enough cleavage but still conceals large breast; the A-line cut creates a small waist and flows over full hips.  She is big on labels so I paired it with cobalt Louboutins, a white Cole Haan bag, flashy gold rings by Maison Martin Margiela and Miu Miu shades to block the paps.  So what do you think?

Prints and Colors