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restless in NYC….

Hola!  Yippy I feel the weekend vibe hitting me! Well my title says it all, I am restless…with my hair that is.  It is at that in-between stage of not being short but not long so I just don’t know what to do with it.  My hair has three different textures– in the front it is more loose and wavy, the sides and the back of my nape are more curly and the crown is a mixture of the two.  My routine is pretty simple as you can read about it in my old post Natural Hair on the Go and check my About Me page for another look at my curls; from those pics it all looks the same but I definitely have to manipulate my hair to behave with all these textures.  Lately I have just been going with the flow as my hair tends to just do its own thing….do you all have any secrets to controlling your curls or do you just let them be free?  If not then I just may pull a Solange and start fresh…..help!!!

Image source: Honey Mag


Monday’s Muse–Rihanna

Hola! I hope that you had a fab weekend and now back to work ;o(  In order to lighten the mood check today’s muse- Rihanna.  I know, i know some may say that she has borrowed some of her style choices from the likes of Grace Jones, Madonna, and the list could go on but one thing is for sure her ensembles are always daring.  However, at times i do sigh to myself–“hum i’ve seen this before” but then she adds a bit of shock value to her look to flip it altogether.  Check the following pics…what do you think—is she overrated or a young fashion icon in the making?  Do tell……

who is Maya A. Lake?

Hola!……well if you don’t know you should find out REALLY quick!  She is the owner/designer/creative force behind the line Boxing Kitten and I think that I am in love with it! She was up on the batik/african inspired prints long before the current  Spring 2010 trend.  Lake is a Brooklyn born, New Jersey raised self-taught designer and entrepreneur. 

“Although constantly pulling inspiration from various sources, the current collection is specifically driven by elements within the political and cultural climate of the Civil Rights Movement. The collection uses vibrant African wax block print fabrics, which makes each piece unmatched. Each garment fuses bold print combinations with charmingly demure patterns and flawless construction. This ironic sensibility is the common thread intertwining throughout, skillfully woven by its founder and designer, Maya A. Lake. Readily embracing contradiction with a keen understanding of how interconnected everything is, Lake’s vision is what makes Boxing Kitten unique and infinitely approachable. Lake modestly describes her line of dresses and separates as having an “ethnic rockabilly” look. ”  Read more here.

**check out some pics of the collection below ….oh and peep that one of the models is Naima Mora, the winner of ANTM Cycle 4!

Ada, Althea, Frida- Boxing Kitten
Billie Cap Sleeve, Bronze Venus, Millie- Boxing Kitten
Frida Jumpsuit- Boxing Kitten
Tam Tam- Boxing Kitten

Happy Birthday Grace Jones

Hola!  Feliz Cumpleanos Grace Jones!   Today she turns 62 but looks 25 years younger.  Her androgynous style and flair for all things outrageous has her labeled as one of the greatest fashion icons ever.  Even today she has influenced the style of young artists such as Rhianna and fashionable chicas like Amber Rose.  Check out my looklet  “Ode to Grace Jones” ….gotta love her!  Enjoy!

Sass ‘n Curlz Muse- Tracee Ellis Ross

Hola!  If someone asked me who’s closet I would want to raid and who’s hair that I lust for my answer would be Tracee Ellis Ross.  She is none other than the epitome of chic style with a side of sass *well to me that is ;p* I have always admired her way of mixing and matching patterns and textures, always on trendy but never trendy–just perfect.  The “hair” is definitely a thing of its own, she can be seen rocking loose ringlets, long curls, or natural kinks.  Tell me do you have a style and hair muse- do tell?