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Friday Sass—Camo and OxBlood

Hola peeps! This has been another excruciating week but finally it is FRIDAY!  Today’s sass features two of the hottest trends of the moment—Camo and OxBlood.  I am eager to jump on the bandwagon which has led to my endless stalking of the web for a camo jacket and oxblood heels *love the Alexander Wang‘s shown*.  If they aren’t your cup of tea then swap them out for the Rag & Bone forest green suede booties which are just as cute.  Whatever you decide to rock this weekend wear it well and enjoy!

Camo and OxBlood


i can’t get enough of….alexander wang

Hola!  I hope that all is good for you.  I must say these hot days have me thinking of fall *hard to admit I am a summertime addict*!  Now that the stores are starting to stock lots of yummy fall merchandise it is pressing the thought in my mind even more.  I LOVE fall gear—the boots, sweaters and rich colors are just enough to make anyone swoon over the season.  

Lately my sass radar has been screening stores and online for fresh fall merch, however Alexander Wang is one designer I cannot get enough of.  His clothes to me are very luxurious, rich yet wearable and comfy *suits my taste perfectly*.  Here’s a few that I am lusting over right now…





Images source:  www.forwardforward.com