Festival/Concert Dressing

Hola!  OMG you don’t understand how much I love summer—-the free spirit, warm sunshine, and my fav— easy dressing + hot music = instant happiness!  So with that thought in mind I have pulled some looks from my Shmotter to help whether you are going to Summer Jam to catch a glimpse of Usher or attending Lilith Fair to check out Norah Jones.  I hope that you will able to get some ideas so that you can not only lose yourself in the music but look cute while doing so…enjoy!!!

"Rock Chic"
"Rock Chic"




"Hot Miami Nights"


"Spring Fever"

Sass ‘n Curlz Muse- Tracee Ellis Ross

Hola!  If someone asked me who’s closet I would want to raid and who’s hair that I lust for my answer would be Tracee Ellis Ross.  She is none other than the epitome of chic style with a side of sass *well to me that is ;p* I have always admired her way of mixing and matching patterns and textures, always on trendy but never trendy–just perfect.  The “hair” is definitely a thing of its own, she can be seen rocking loose ringlets, long curls, or natural kinks.  Tell me do you have a style and hair muse- do tell?

Friday Sass

Hola!  I thought that I would throw some “sass” your way!  It is Finally Friday—-TGIF!!!  This is my look “Cheyanne” from my looklet portfolio….boy I can spend hours on there.  Anyways please do check it out and Happy Friday!!

pretty things….

Hola! First off I wanted to say that SNC is most definitely a work in progress so please forgive the appearance and the slow posting.  I am still getting acquainted but I assure you that it will be up to par soon!  Please continue to stay tuned…. in the meantime please check out some things I find pretty and maybe you will too……enjoy!




JUICY COUTURE GLITTER COIN PURSE- zappos.com *i’m a sucker for coin purses*

CARMEN SOLOMONS- CAPE ETC- BOSS models  *i am in lust with her hair*

"Prince on Display"

Toyin Odutola- www.toyino.com *her work is phenomenal*


Toyin Odutola- www.toyino.com

"Vaca Pics from 07"

COZUMEL- vaca pic from “07 *i need another one of these*

Happy Mother’s Day!

Welcome to my first blog post!  What better way to kick off my intro to the blogosphere then to do it on Mother’s Day.  The bond between a mother and child is undeniably unlike any other relationship.  There are good times and bad times but at all times we should be thankful unto our mothers for providing the vessel in which we traveled into this world.  So celebrate the day with all the moms that you know and love!  Happy Mother’s Day today and everyday!