Good things are in store….

Hola! Sorry the posts are coming in late but I have been crazy busy as usual.  I have been playing a juggling act with all that I have going on in my life.  Not to worry though a part of this busy schedule does involve SNC, which means good things are in store for you guys.  Be on the lookout for upcoming posts about closet spring cleaning, more events, and a cool giveaway.  Stay tuned peeps!



Monday’s Muse—Arlenis Sosa

Hola! Welcome to Morbid Monday…haha!  I am late with this post and yes it is just a quick pic, but a pretty one nonetheless.  Can Arlenis Sosa be more beautiful!?!



What to Wear to Sunday Brunch

Hola! I hope that your weekend has been going great.  Since the temps are starting to warm up a bit I am looking forward to shedding the layers and getting out of hibernation mode.  Here is a look that I put together and I think that it would be perfect for a Sunday brunch date with the girls or your guy.  The soft color palette is easy to wear, flowers add a sweet touch and metallic oxfords brings a cool vibe.  Cute, right?

Summer Fun by sassiegirl



Friday Sass—“Yeah Baby I’m a Rock Star”

Hola! Happy Friday!!! I am ecstatic that the weekend is finally here.  I truly need some down time yet I have lots of work to do.  SNC  is going to occupy a bit of my time this weekend, as well as spring cleaning and personal errands.  **pray for**  If you guys are lucky enough to be hitting up a hot party or outing then here is some sass to get you started, click the pic for deets.  Enjoy!

Yeah Baby I'm a Rock Star by sassiegirl
Yeah Baby I'm a Rock Star!


the Root—30 Black Bloggers You Should Know

Hola peeps!  Just a quickie here as things are hectic as usual.  I wanted to share a link to an article by the Root titled “30 Black Bloggers You Should Know”.  Some of my faves made the list and I am also intrigued to read up on the individuals that I am not familiar with.  This list truly inspires me to continue my blogging journey as with due time I hope to acquire a similar status as these great bloggers and be a REAL entrepreneur with no strings attached to the corps. 😮

Check it out here and enjoy!