Hola! Please feel free to send your questions, comments or suggestions about fashion, hair or whatever!  We are always seeking SNC Curlz Starz to feature so why not tell us your hair story.  Are you an avid shopper with fab tips that you want to share?  Leave a comment below with your name/email and we will be sure to get back to you asap!

For businesses or brands interested in advertising, hosting a product giveaway or would like an event covered by SNC please contact us directly at  We look forward to hearing from you!


9 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Wendy,

    First of all I love your blog and your hair! Gorgeous :). I would love to share my Natural Hair Journey on your beautiful Blog (if I can!) I found feature stories so inspiring while I was on my Hair Journey especially while I was transitioning and hope that maybe my story will help someone else (I hope!) I also found online sources so helpful during the time which is why I recently started my own Blog and YouTube channel (to give back I guess.) Anyways I would love to know the process of how to send you my story 🙂 You can email me on

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  2. Good morning!! Just found this site via Great site and by the way Wendy, we share a last name!! Hey cousin!!

    1. Hi Sarah! It was so great meeting you last night, it was lots of fun. Also thanks for the fb link….we looked like we were having fun. I will be posting pics soon of the show as well. Please stay in contact there are more shows coming up ;o)

  3. Hi Sass ‘n Curlz,
    Many thanks for featuring styles from my Collection, Bacchus on your website, as part of the Queens Fashion Week Reviews. I am Sarah Bacchus and am pleasantly surprised by the wonderful article and pictures you’ve posted. It is all very much appreciated. You’ve made my day and I’m thrilled to have gotten your attention.

    Have a grand day!
    Ciao, Sarah Bacchus/

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I thoroughly enjoyed the show and your line was fab–so much class and finesse. Please be sure to add a link of my blog on your site so everyone can see! Thank you for the kind words and I look forward to seeing more of your designs.

      All the best,
      Wendy, Sass ‘n Curlz

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