Me, My Style, Hair and Profession


Hola!  I’m Wendy (Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Sass ‘n Curlz), aka sassncurlz, bka sassiegirl and the lists goes on…lol!  So let’s make a long story short and sweet 🙂

Me: A cool chick reppin BK by way of VA!  A true lover of life, family, fashion, natural hair and a self-proclaimed obsessive-compulsive thinker (i know–i need help!). 

My Style: My personal style is what I call “trendy boho chic”.  I say trendy because I do keep up with trends but never follow them from head to toe.  I always tend to throw a little boho into my daily look with accessories which I love!  Usually I am rocking an armful of bracelets, big rings and of course my signature hoop earrings.   The chic side of me is easy because even on a bad day I take pride in my appearance and do my best to always be put together.  That is the case whether I’m in a tee with jeans headed to the market or in designer duds on date night in the city. 

My Hair: I got my first relaxer at 14 and that continued up until Oct 2008 (only relaxed 4x/yr anyway), transitioned for a year (did mini chops throughout), final chop was done on Oct 12, 2009; currently I’m au naturale and loving it!  I often experiment with different styles like updos, braid-outs but my fave is a WNG (wash and go).

My Profession:  I have over 12 years of professional experience working in the fashion industry in the fields of design, buying, merchandising, production and product development.  I also feed my creative entrepreneurial spirit by dabbling in fashion journalism, freelancing as a style consultant and being a natural hair enthusiast to many.                                                                                   



10 thoughts on “Me, My Style, Hair and Profession

  1. Thank you for your swift response, I love when the actual CREATORS of something are truly involved with their public interface . . . . Anywhoo, My Clip-In Extension Client who has a daughter with natural curly hair, just asked me to refer new curly hair products . . . as I went to refer the COILY CUSTARD from Miss Jessie’s that you love & reviewed, I just ended up referring your whole site as it is now my go to “curly hair help destination” plus all the Fashion features makes this a great lunch time fix for her! Thanks for such a simple, seamless and above all SASSY site for us girls to indulge in!
    xoxo URfairyFABmother, TheTashaTouch

    1. Hi Natasha, I actually appreciate you for taking the time to check out my blog and comment. I see that you have a site that I will check out as well. Also thank you for sharing my blog with your clients, I will do my best to continue fun, sassy and valuable info for us curly and not curly girls. Enjoy!

  2. Hey aunt wendy its ya niece arianna love you keep being beautiful and fashionable in NYC cant wait to come up there nd see u!

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