My Hair Update—Nerdy Chic to Voluminous Vixen

Hola!  I’ve been having lots of fun with my hair lately.  I give props to the nonexistent, low to no humidity fake summer that we’ve been having here in the Northeast.  I am sure you caught the sarcasm; don’t get me wrong the weather is great for hair but sucks for someone like me who loves warm summer temps.  So on that note I decided to give the dreaded twist-out a try again!  I say that because they have never worked for me except when I was transitioning, well not this time.  In a matter of a day I went from nerdy chic to a voluminous vixen —all because of a fab twist-out!

Read on…

I started out with a slicked back bun which was really an old WnG.
I then washed, detangled and blow dried my hair with low heat.
I put my hair in about eight chunky twists and rolled the ends. The next morning I fluffed and spritzed lightly with hairspray and this is what I got.

I am loving my hair in this fluffy twist-out, if the weather stays the same I just may rock this style for the rest of the summer.  I enjoy the stretched hair and less products, it is a great way to give my hair a break from WnGs.  So thoughts, do you like?  Do tell.


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