My Hair Update—Ouidad Carve & Slice Cut x Design Essentials Natural Products = Happy Curlz

Hola peeps!  Initially this post was going to be a product review then I thought well it really is an update about my hair.  As you can see from the title that I got a hair cut!  Brace yourself as it wasn’t drastic but I can definitely see and feel the difference in my hair.  Keep scrolling to see and find out more about the cut/trim and the hair products that I am currently coveting!


I was chosen by Ouidad to be a model for their Carve & Slice technique.  Basically they focus on the density (bulk) of your hair instead of the length.  I was very clear that I didn’t want layers (I’m still trying to grow them out) nor did I want it short.  I’ll admit I was nervous but I went through with it anyway.  At first I thought meh but once I got home and played around with the shape it grew on me.


Once I felt comfortable with the cut I went into my product closet and pulled out Design Essentials Naturals Curl Enhancing Mousse and Twist and Set Setting Lotion.  On freshly washed and detangled hair I applied the Twist and Set Setting Lotion first.  I smoothed it on my hair then used a wide tooth comb to be sure that every strand was touched.  Then I applied a few handfuls (about the size of a golf ball) of the Curl Enhancing Mousse to my tresses which blended well.  I was pleasantly surprised as it didn’t feel sticky and there wasn’t a strong scent.  Yay!


I was able to get 3rd day hair just with those two products and rewetting, however by the 4th day I wanted a change.  So I glossed over my curls with Eco-Styler Olive Oil Gel (lightly) and pulled it up in a puff, which  I rocked for another 2 days.  These products combined with the cut has allowed me to lock it down for the rest of the summer; as I am ready for the rain, humidity and high heat.  Happy curlz!  Thoughts?


3 thoughts on “My Hair Update—Ouidad Carve & Slice Cut x Design Essentials Natural Products = Happy Curlz

  1. very nice i love your hair anyways! September will be a 1yr for my natural journey and i have grown to love it. I still need to cut out the permed ends but scared of losing my length, my hair has gotten stronger and spots that were thin are fuller now. I’m learning products that work well with my hair. Once I cut the perm out I will do braids to help with the growth. Never thought I’d be this scared of letting my hair go.

    1. Thanks and congrats to you! It definitely takes some getting use to but in the end it is worth it. I’m thinking of getting braids again too. Keep up the good work!

  2. CUT= neat ends of hair forming perfectly, healthy looking curls
    PRODUCTS= nice, light bouncy shine
    CONCLUSION=Hair looks happy! Full of life & thirst quenched curls! Ready for Battle against humid weather. Look forward to more Curly Ques, lol
    xoxo URfairyFABmother

    SIDE NOTE FROM A STYLIST: Choosing to go natural shouldn’t be taken on lightly, Natural Hair can be SEXY, STYLISH and or as SOPHISTICATED as any straight or wavy style as long as you care for it & dress it up . . but Natural hair shouldn’t be left up to nature, it can and may be more HIGH MAINTENACE than any other hair type ladies. So do your research, talk to other Nature Girls, then commit or quit, its a lifestyle not a fad . . . .unless you wear wigs, lol
    TheTashaTouch Wig Master

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