My Hair Update–I’m restless…to cut or not to cut?

Hola!  So we are having lovely weather here in NYC…not!  Why oh why must we endure this treacherous polar vortex!?!  I digress and shall continue on to the post at hand…my hair.  I did an update last month called “New Year Re”Hair”solution” where I stated that I was going to let my hair grow this year.  Well I may be retracting on that just a bit and I blame it all on  Yesterday they posted pics of Yesenia a Junior Hair Stylist at Hair Rules Salon here in NYC and I instantly fell for her cut.  It is all types of fabulous perfection!  Take a peek.

Yesenia- Junior Stylist at Hair Rules Salon NYC
Photo credit: NaturallyCurly Facebook



I love this asymmetrical bob because it is not to short and gives her curls shape.  So what are your thoughts?  Do you think that it would lool right on me or should I just continue with my growth journey?  Chime in peeps!


7 thoughts on “My Hair Update–I’m restless…to cut or not to cut?

  1. Your hair is GORGEOUS!!! I just stumbled upon your site and it’s great! I think our curl-type is similar, but my hair is much finer (code odd for thinner).
    I live in NYC. Would you mind sharing who trims your hair? I would greatly appreciate it as I search for someone who can trip natural hair.

    1. Thank you so much and welcome to Sass ‘n Curlz! I actually trim and do my own hair. In October it will be five years that I returned to natural and I have only gone to a salon once and that was Miss Jessies. However I have heard good things about Devachan salon and Tameeka of Jaded Tresses. Both of them can be found on IG and Facebook. I hope this helps. Stop by again soon 🙂

    1. I love both the shape and color too! I’m actually growing my hair out (when stretched it is bra strap lengths) but seeing this is making me have second thoughts. Good luck with your transition…keep going! Thanks for stopping by Niecey:-)

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