My Hair Update—New Year Re”Hair”solution


Hola!  This post is going to be short and sweet…it’s my New Year Re”Hair”solution!  You may be thinking what does that mean, well it’s a spin on a new years resolution but with hair in mind of course.  There are a few pledges that I’m promising myself to keep this year and going forward.  They are:

1. Oil rinsing—This is the best thing I have started to do for my hair!  Prior to washing I soak my scalp and curlz with oil (preferably coconut oil for me). I like to detangle on dry hair so this helps to ease the process and gets out all the kinks.

2. Scalp massages—They not only soothing buy they also increase circulation.  A healthy scalp makes for even healthier and happy hair!

3. Moisturize—We all know the importance of it for us natural chicas however there are days when I slack, especially when I am not going anywhere.  I will make it my business to at least spritz my tresses lightly with H2O everyday.

4. Protective style—A WnG will always be my go-to style but I plan to experiment more with braids, updos and anything that will protect my ends.

5. Growth—This is simple, no cutting only trims that are either done my a professional stylist or myself.  Last year I made the mistake of getting layers cut and ended up hating them.  I really want big, long hair so I am letting it grow!

So there you have it…my list.  Do you have any New Year Re”Hair”solutions?  Come on do tell 🙂


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