W2W—Thanksgiving Dinner

Hola!  As “National Stuff Your Face Day” approaches aka Thanksgiving we must plan to wear an outfit that is suitable for the family dinner but can also easily expand at the waist.  Well today’s What 2 Wear is here to help you out.  Nothing grows with a bulging food belly better than leggings.  Usually it is a big no to wear leggings as pants but the exception to the rule is to wear a long shirt to cover your bum.  Hence the lovely embroidered cashmere sweater that I have paired with it.  This is perfect for the festive holiday and the embroidered neckline doubles as jewelry.  Throw on comfy booties in a fall appropriate color and your look is almost complete.  The finishing touches are the accessories—pearl earrings, a menswear watch and a large satchel to stuff your leftovers in.

What 2 Wear 2 Thanksgiving Dinner

Finito…a perfect look for dinner!  Do you agree?  So what your plans for Thanksgiving and what are you going to wear? Share!


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