Product Review—Curlific! by Aphogee

Hola! I have a great product review for you today.  When Curlific! by Aphogee was first released about a month ago I searched high and low for it, however I had no luck so I gave up.  That was until one random day last week when I wandered into my local beauty supply store and there it was on the shelf.  I squealed silently to myself (being the pj that I am) and eagerly read the ingredients then made my way to the register to pay.  A few days ago I gave it a try but first let me tell you a bit about the products I bought—Moisture Rich Leave-In and Curl Definer.

Here is a snippet of the Q & A from their site:

Q:  Everyone seems to have “Curl” or “Natural”  lines now….what’s different about Curlific!

A: You’re right!  As curly hair has stolen the spotlight in many style circles….many companies formerly known for removing curls as well as others, have launched products to tie into the trend. Some of these products are quite good, others represent re-packaging of existing formulas.  At ApHogee, we started formulating and testing in 2010, developing each Curlific! formula from scratch. Naturally curly hair is more delicate than straight hair, because of the ovoid cross-sectional shape of the hair shaft. Generally, the curlier the natural hair, the more flattened the hair shaft and the more prone to cuticle damage.  We pride ourselves on the use of protein in hair care and it’s a natural for ApHogee to specialize in care and maintenance of curly hair. We’re very excited about the results with organic Quinoa protein in our Texture Treatment, Textured Hair Wash and Moisture Rich Leave-in. Our Curl Definer is the first of our styling aids for curly hair and it gives solid control without making the hair “crunchy”. It also washes out cleanly without an aggressive cleanser.


My review:  I washed and conditioned my hair as normal.  Recently I have been practicing the LOC (leave-in condish, oil, cream) Method in order to maintain moisture and I must say it works great!  I used the Curlific Moisture Rich Leave-in mixed with Giovanni Direct Moisture Leave-In Conditioner.  I did that because although the Curlific one is creamy and coated my hair I felt that I needed a little more weight.  Since the temps are chilly now I try to use heavier leave-in conditioners to keep the moisture in.  I then oiled my hair paying close attention to my ends; I also use Castor Oil for my scalp and edges.  It is great for thinning hair and itchy scalps.  Give it a try!

My final step was the Curlific Curl Definer.  It was incredibly cream and it had a pleasant scent.  I put my hair in four sections then proceeded to rake and smooth it through my strands.  Instantly I noticed my curls started to pop and plump up—love it!  Lately I have been into big hair so this was perfect.  Once I air-dried my coif was soft and fluffy!

Here are the final results…the smile on my face indicates how satisfied I am.  Even after three days my curls still looked great and all I had to do was refresh with water.  On a scale of 1-10 I give these products a 8.5.  I would suggest to definitely give it a try, you have got nothing to lose!  So what do you think?  Do tell.


Disclaimer:  This is not a paid review.  I purchased the products and all opinions are my own.


6 thoughts on “Product Review—Curlific! by Aphogee

  1. Hi Sass….
    Ive been scouring the internet high and low with a great place to go to TRIM my 4a/4b hair. So far, I’m leaning towward the deva cut. But Im torn between Devachaun and Miss Jessies. PLEASE Help.Im so overwhelmed with all the internet. I want to retain length, yet, I want shaping, so that I can wear in wash n go. Plus, I could use a really good trim.Please help.

    1. Hi Journelle! Sorry for the late reply. I will say from my own experience that I have had my hair cut at the Miss Jessies salon and it was ok at first. Once I got home I noticed that my layers weren’t quite layers but blocks of hair cut. That was well over a year ago and I feel like im still trying to get my hair back to one length….very frustrating! Last weekend I was a Ouidad hair model at their salon where they gave me their carve and slice cut. Like you I want to retain my length and be able ti rock my WnG, so it was very minimal. Basically the cut is focused more on the density of hair and not length. So if you like to rock big fluffy fros then that cut may not be for you. I have never been to Devachan but there are lots of good reviews on YouTube. They cut your hair dry in its natural state curl by curl. I kind of want to go there too so if you do please report back. I hope this have helped. Stop by again soon. 🙂

  2. Your curls look great! I’m going to look for this line for my daughter. You also mentioned (and I’ve been reading everywhere) about the castor oil (I’m assuming the Jamaican). Doesn’t castor oil have a strong, unpleasant smell?

    1. Thank you Jasmine! Yes I use Jamaican Black Castor Oil, to me the smell isn’t too strong or overbearing. However if you are interested in trying it they do have Lavender and Coconut versions which dilutes the scent a bit and they are just as good. I hope that helps and please stop by again soon!

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