Hair Talk—Bey switches it up AGAIN!

Hola peeps!  The past few weeks Beyoncé has had social media in a frenzy with her hairstyle changes.  I know…I know it’s only hair but hey it’s Bey and everyone wants to put in their 2 cents worth so why not join in!  She has gone from a wonderful weave, a poppin pixie and now a beautiful bob.  Personally I like the bob best although I wish she would give the blonde a rest for a bit.  Take a peek and share your thoughts!




2 thoughts on “Hair Talk—Bey switches it up AGAIN!

  1. Good Morning!!! Just a FYI………..she will continue to wear the blonde because her hair color contract with I think Clairol. That is why she’s always blond. Lol If they paid me to go wear Platinum…..I would work it every way I can also. The bob is nice though…and that dress is very pretty.

    1. Hi! Yes I know but I’m sure there is a way for her to negotiate using other colors. I think that blonde washes her out and does nothing for her features. Warm tones like chocolate brown even a deep chestnut looks best on her…well IMO 🙂

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