Hair Talk—New Cut…New Bey


Hola!  I was hesitant to share this because EVERYBODY is posting this on social media but I thought we do talk hair so why not.  Last night Beyonce posted selfies on instagram rocking a short pixie cut.

Many people are saying that it is a wig or they don’t like it. I think that it is refreshing to see something different besides a 28″ weave (no hate) so my vote is Yes do it Bey! What are your thoughts? Don’t be shy chime in with the rest of the world lol!

*SN: I love that I did this quick post all on my phone from the comfort of my bed! Technology…don’t you just love it! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hair Talk—New Cut…New Bey

  1. I love the cut for her; your right it’s nice to see her change it up. I was really tired of the long lace fronts. I would like to see a new color as well.

    1. Hi Robin! Yeah think she definitely “upgraded” herself with this new cut lol. It is refreshing to see her switch it up even if some people say that she is seeking attention; I just think that she is just growing. I like that!

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