My Hair Updates—Rockin Updos

Hola peeps!  I hope you are keeping cool, the temps have been in the 90s in NYC.  I am NOT complaining I would rather be hot then cold anyday…also who doesn’t love summertime!?!  However with the heat comes humidity and that is truly a battle for my hair.  As of late I’ve been kind of over my hair (meaning I don’t want to do anything to it); so I’ve been getting creative with updos!  The styles below are two of my faves that I have been rockin. Take a peek and let me know what you think.

I’ve been rocking this style for the last few days. I was inspired by Tracee Ellis Ross’s Milkmaid braid but I twisted instead; some may call this a halo braid  (twist) as well. I simply started out with an old WnG that I brushed out lightly, I parted my hair on the side and created two sections.  You don’t have to section it off but it was just easier for me since I have so much hair.  I then proceeded to flat twist each side, be sure that it is pretty tight so that the twist doesn’t unravel.  Next I wrapped the pieces over it each and pinned until I felt the hair was secure.  I then used a bit of Curls Passionfruit Control Paste for my edges, again you don’t have to do that if you want a more carefree messy look.


This is an easy roll, tuck and pin style. I sectioned off a piece in the front to created a faux bang.  I simply rolled the hair under and used bobby pins to secure it.  As for the back I used a banana clip to hold it.  The hair that was left out was brushed out to add fullness, then rolled and pinned {similar to a French roll).  Again I used the control paste to smooth out my edges since I like a sleek look.

So tell me how do you combat the heat and humidity with your hair?  Please share your tips! 🙂


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