Hair Talk—Gel, Cream or Butter…what works best for you?

Hola peeps!  There is no hiding it…I am a product junkie!  You name it I have probably tried it… whether it is a gel, cream, pudding, butter, custard and the list goes on.  I get excited when a new item is released and always run out to buy it.  Well, I am putting the brakes on that and returning back to the basics.  There is no doubt that my hair is at it’s best when I use gel.  I know some people think that gel is sticky, provides build-up and leaves the hair hard but not me; I always get a soft hold, shine and great curl definition.  I think that the trick is the application and brand that is used.  See the difference in the pics below.

This is after I washed and conditioned my hair. I am not sure what brand I used but this is definitely the result of a cream. Semi-shiny, not as defined, slightly frizzy and kind of limp looking to me. After my hair is dry it is always bigger (which is fine) but there is not much hold (I don’t like that).
This is the result of gel (Eco-Styler Olive Oil) that was shingled through my hair. The main difference is high shine, popping curls and the hold is unbelievable! Frizz is also limited when I use gel…love!

Another reason why I like gel is because it sets my hair for a few days.  I can apply it and not add any additional product for the next 3 days!  All I do is refresh daily with water, fluff and I am good to go.  If I style my hair with a pudding, cream or butter I always have to reapply and restyle the next day (can’t stand that).  Now that you have seen and read what works best for me, why not share your story!  What do you like and why?


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