Designers—Stella Jean S/S 2013

Hola!  Today I am sharing one of my favorite lines for S/S 2013—Stella Jean.  She is a young and super talented Italo-Haitian designer that started out as a model but eventually followed her heart to design clothes.  A great deal of her inspiration comes from her multiculturalism and it shows!  Here is an excerpt form the site:

“A brave and sophisticated collection which conceptually and instinctively overcomes all time and space boundaries, going towards new and exciting destinations. The theme of the journey, together with sociocultural suggestions, shapes a collection that has bon-ton humour as conditio sine qua non. A serious but still light-hearted exercise that matches those two “primary colours” with all the nuances in the world, with limitless grace and futuristic ladylike suggestions. The outfits on the catwalk prove the extraordinary richness of the multicultural roots of their designer, through a singular and intensely suggestive style.”

Take a peek at the bright colors, prints and patterns…j’dore!

Want to see more?  Go here to review the entire collection. 



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