My Hair Update—Big Hair Poppin

Hola peeps!  I apologize for the sporadic posts; I’ve been distracted by changes in my life but I promise to get back on track.  However I have been thinking of revamping the site to make it more appealing and interactive for you all.  Please feel free to share what you would or wouldn’t like to see as all suggestions are welcome!

Now on to the post Big Hair Poppin.  As of late I have been doing the LEAST to my hair; seriously WNG, power puff and that is it!  I really miss my hair being all one length so I am growing out my layers.  It has been about a month since I cut it and I think that because of low-manipulation it is starting to grow.  Yippy!  I plan to keep up this ‘doing the least method’ until it starts to get warm then I will play around with more styles.

Late night fro
Curl nerd
Curly bangs and thangs

Funny all my pics looks like I am giving the side eye lol.  Most of these were taken late night so I guess I wasn’t in to being very photogenic…who knows.  However I love being more care-free with my curlz and it shows in these images.  What are your thoughts?  Do tell. 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Hair Update—Big Hair Poppin

      1. We are still on the struggle with her hair. I love it when she washes it but I’m going to take her to a salon for her birthday and see what they can do. the products we have tried aren’t doing what she wants and it’s not shining. So we are just trying different things and it dries out so quickly. Still no perms though!

      2. It is definitely a work in progress but it is great that she is still keeping it up without a relaxer. Hopefully going to a salon will help but just make sure you tell them what your concerns/wants are. You know some stylists will try to talk you into cutting, texturing, and more…stand your ground. Unless of course it is a salon that specializes in natural hair care. Continue to try out different products especially ones that moisturizes the hair and also oils are good to seal in the moisture. Water is always great too! Keep working on it! 🙂

  1. Yep! I’ve heard low-manipulation contributes to growth time and time again (similar to protective styling). I’m attempting a similar def makes a difference!
    ❤ your fro.

    1. Hi! Yes I am just upset that I allowed myself to be persuaded into getting layers cut. I will never do that again and always listen to my gut. It took me four years to get my hair all one length. Thanks for the compliment and stop by again soon! 🙂

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