My Hair Update—The Power Puff

Hola peeps!  Since I hit up Miss Jessie’s Curl Bar last week my curlz are popping all over the place…haha!  Seriously I will never again underestimate the power of a good professional cut/trim.  Speaking in which my fave style thus far has been The Power Puff.  I am so happy that I can revisit this style, prior to my cut I couldn’t rock a puff without my hair flopping in my face.  However now I have the right amount of volume and length to achieve this ‘do once again.  Take a peek and let me know your thoughts!

A quick pic of me yesterday as I was headed out to a fashion show. MAC’s Ruby Woo on the lips and H&M New York tee.
A better shot of my curlz and tee **which I luv so much I may go back and get another**!
One word—massive.

On IG (follow me @sassncurlz) I was asked how I achieved this look.  My answer is simple—WNG, styling product of choice (mine was Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue) and an elastic band.  Viola there you have it!  Give it a try and enjoy!


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