Do U Like—Beyonce’s GQ Cover

Hola peeps!  Unless you have been hiding under a rock all week (not to far-fetched for me) then I am sure that you have seen the GQ Cover with Beyoncé floating all over the web.  So many people are saying she is doing it for attention, it is tasteless or that she should be above all of this.  Well, I must admit I was a bit shocked at first but then I thought you know what—Do It Bey!  Show the haters and your stans that you are the reigning queen that never left!  I need deets on her workout regimen for real though 🙂

Beyoncé Covers GQ's 'The 100 Sexiest Women of the 21st Century' Issue 01

Oh, let’s not forget that this isn’t her first racy spread for the magazine.  She covered GQ UK back in February 2007 and the same comments were being said back then if not worse.  Peep it here and check the pic below.

You know where I stand obviously….what about you?  Do U Like?



2 thoughts on “Do U Like—Beyonce’s GQ Cover

  1. Eh… she looks great end of story although the underboob is a little weird. In the end it’s just another celeb on the cover of a magazine posing suggestively. Why does it matter that it’s Beyonce?

    1. I suppose that there is uproar because she is Beyoncé and a megastar Some peeps feel that she shouldn’t be doing this at this stage in her career. Humm I say to each it’s it and move on! Thank for your thoughts and stop by again soon!

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