My Hair Update—Old-School Roller Rules

Hola peeps!  It has been awhile since I have featured my hair so here goes!  As of late I’ve been bored with my usual WNG so I decided to switch it up for the new year.  Read on below for my regimen and how I achieved this soft, curly ‘do.

Here’s what I used and did:

1) Washed and conditioned as normal using random products.

2) Surprisingly I didn’t use a leave-in conditioner but let my hair air dry naturally then slathered on a mixture of olive and cocoa butter oils.

3) Blow dried using low heat to get it semi-straight.  My thoughts were to leave it straight but I didn’t like it so I continued on…


4) On dry hair I used Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll to set my hair using old-school foam rollers

5) I used about 16 big rollers in no particular order to section because I wanted my curlz to be care-free.

6) Overnight I slept with a satin bonnet

7) In the am I used a quarter-size of Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine to smooth the frizzies and add shine as I took out the rollers

8) Once all out I shook my head, fluffed and finger-combed to my liking…viola what you see is what ya get!

I love the results—I feel like an old-Hollywood glamazon…haha!  Do you like?  If you have tried these products before what was your outcome?  Better yet did you start 2013 off with a new ‘do?  Do tell all!

(Disclaimer: All products where purchased by me, I was not paid to advertise any products.)


4 thoughts on “My Hair Update—Old-School Roller Rules

  1. I’ve used the old school pink rollers when my dreads were shorter…it looked a hot mess lol

    The curls were super tight but weren’t “complete” because my hair was short. I still rocked the style, though.

    I’ve since graduated to Lock Loops and prefer them much more.

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