Fashion Insider on the Move—Peeks of the MO-AM Network

Hola!  Today I have another fab FIM—the gorgeous Peeks of the MO-AM Network.  She hails from Scotland originally yet now calls London home where she works as a presenter, model, web/graphic designer and a uber-popular vlogger.  Peeks keeps subscribers and followers coming back for more with her vibrant personality, fashion sense, and business-savvy skills.

Here she answers a few questions about fashion, business, and her natural hair:

This video is a fave of mine—Flexi Rod Curls Tutorial:

From about us page:

“The MO-AM Network is an exciting on-line lifestyle entertainment channel directed to the young, ambitious, career driven woman of today. Hosted by the beautiful energetic Peeks, the channel –which was created to cater to the emerging ethnically diverse female facebook and twitter generation.”

If you aren’t familair with Peeks or the network then you are missing out!  Get on board and keep up with this Fashion Insider on the Move!

Mr X:





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