Sweet & Chic

Hola!  I hope you’re having a great week thus far.  As I am always on natural hair forums/groups there is always talk about natural hair and the workplace. I’m sure that you have heard people say—‘it doesn’t look neat’…’it’s not professional’…’i don’t want to stand out’.  My response to them—BS!  I don’t feel the need to coverup or protective style exclusively for work unless of course I want to.  Here is a set I styled to show the versatility of natural hair.  This beautiful chica has a big glorious fro that accents the sweet soft colors and chic silhouettes.  This look is worthy of the office, brunch, church and any other outing.  Ladies and gents be proud and don’t be afraid to rock what is naturally yours.  I certainly do!

Sweet & Chic

2 thoughts on “Sweet & Chic

    1. Thank you. It definitely takes time to get use to wearing curls but it is worth it. Once you get a regimen that works for you it is super easy. Summer months are the best times to experiment with rocking your natural hair. Give it a try 🙂

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