Month: April 2012

Monday’s Muse—Ubah Hassan for Deluxx Digital

Hola!  When I stumbled upon these pics via The Fashion Fiend I knew that this was our Monday Muse.  The gorgeous Somalian model Ubah Hassan is giving us 60s sass in this editorial for Deluxx Digital March 2012 issue.  Check the fab fro, quirky styling and pops of color…love love! 


So are you in love with today’s muse?  Do tell…



Fave Photo of the Week—Michelle Obama @ White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Hola peeps!  I hope that you have been enjoying your weekend.  Last night politicians and stars showed out in all their glory at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.  Imagine gowns, glitz, bow-ties and power all in one room.  However not to let the FLOTUS stans down Michelle took the cake *as usual* and looked gorgeous!  She appeared very relaxed and fresh-faced.  I love the slightly wavy bob and the printed multi colored dress by Naeem Khan is on trend.  This is definitely one of my fave looks.  What are your thoughts? 

If you are interested in seeing more from designer Naeem Khan check out this video of his Spring 2012 fashion show for more colorful floral inspiration.  Enjoy!


Friday Sass—Eye of the Tiger

Hola!  TGIF!!!  Today’s sass comes from Preview Magazine and features beauty Divine Lee on the cover.  I am in love with this and that white tiger (or albino?) is so pretty.  Check it out and enjoy!

Divine Lee covers Preview Magazine April 2012 wearing Kermit Tesoro, photographed by Bj Pascual, styling by Liz Uy and Jake Galvez.

Image credit Preview Magazine


Peep the preview…

Hola!  Just when you thought fashion week was over we hit ya with another one—video that is.  J Stynze Entertainment has put together a preview of the shows we covered during NYFW A/W 2012.  Hey better late than never right?!? Anna Francesca, Carlos Luna, Don Christian Laurence and more are some of the designers that you will see.  Check it out and be sure to come back for the finished product.  Enjoy!

Sweet & Chic

Hola!  I hope you’re having a great week thus far.  As I am always on natural hair forums/groups there is always talk about natural hair and the workplace. I’m sure that you have heard people say—‘it doesn’t look neat’…’it’s not professional’…’i don’t want to stand out’.  My response to them—BS!  I don’t feel the need to coverup or protective style exclusively for work unless of course I want to.  Here is a set I styled to show the versatility of natural hair.  This beautiful chica has a big glorious fro that accents the sweet soft colors and chic silhouettes.  This look is worthy of the office, brunch, church and any other outing.  Ladies and gents be proud and don’t be afraid to rock what is naturally yours.  I certainly do!

Sweet & Chic

Faces of Essence

Hola peeps!  I am sure that you all may have heard that Essence Magazine EIC- Constance C. R. White fired Managing Editor Michael Bullerick for sharing racist comments on his personal Facebook page.  I won’t go into the details but if you like check out the full article here.  However, after reading comments on various sites that Essence is at fault for hiring a white male instead of a black female or that their journalists has been doing a poor job in the story department, etc I had to speak on it. 

I am not one of those crazy stans but I do enjoy reading Essence and I appreciate that they are a magazine geared towards black women but is relatable to all women AND men. The stories are similiar to other mags—love/relationships, shopping, entertainment, travel, politics and more.  From what I have noticed they have actually improved; they focus more on youth education, personal finance management, health care, and one of my personal faves BLOGGERS 🙂  I have nothing but respect for what they have done in the past *one of the trailblazers in black media*, love their present articles and look forward to what they have in store for the future.

I don’t condone any type of racism—whether it be whites against blacks, blacks against whites, or latinos against asians, etc.  We are all human and we need to learn to love and live in this world together.  Do you agree?  Chime in…


Monday’s Muse—Amanda Hill

Hola!  We are kicking off this week on a pretty note with today’s muse—model Amanda Hill.  Her captivating hazel eyes, flawless skin and big fluffy curlz are enough to make anyone gaze at her for days.  She has been modeling for a while as she has been in several magazines, fashion blogs and ads.  Her career is definitely on the move.  Keep rocking out for the natural chicas Amanda…enjoy!


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