Tips to Fight Frizz on Rainy Days

Hola peeps!  Happy first day of Spring!  I hope all is good with ya.  Since Spring is finally here that not only means warmer temps but rain and humidity too….bummer!  Oh well I suppose I will take the good with bad because as long as it is warm out I can deal.  Just as we adjust our wardrobe to prep for the change in weather we must do the same with our tresses.  Through trial and error I have found out that heavy products (i.e. creams) and any attempt at straight hair a la a blow-out is a big NO NO during this fickle time of year.  Luckily, I am going to share a few of my tips that I use to fight the frizz!

*Leave-in conditioner-  It works wonders to keep your hair moisturized and in tact!

*Oils Try Castor Oil and Coconut Oil…they work best to seal my ends.

*Stylers- Choose ones that maintain moisture (preferably that contain Glycerin) and doesn’t dry out your hair with harsh chemicals/alcohol.  I can’t get enough of Eco-Styler Olive Oil Gel and Hair Rules Kinky Curly Cream.

*Hair styles- WNG, updos, twists, and braids are all cute and easy styles that can be rocked when the air is a bit damp.  Your hair will either adapt to the weather and own the frizz in a WNG or be protected and out-of-the-way in a updo.  The featured pic is of me last March rockin a braid-out updo.  Loved it!

I hope that these tips help in the rainy season that is to come.  So do you have any secrets you would like to share?  How do you fight the frizz?  Do tell…


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