Carol’s Daughter Transitioning Movement w/Solange

Hola peeps!  I hope all is good with ya today.  Ok I know this week we have been OD’ing on Solo a bit, but I just can’t help it as it seems that everything she touches as of late is pure hotness!  This video that she did for Carol’s Daughter Transitioning Movement is up in the high ranks with all of her other projects.  Check out the video…


All that is mentioned in the video is that the movement is coming Spring 2012.  I guessing they are coming out with a new line geared towards transitioners *going from relaxed to natural*.  I think that is great!  As stated before I transitioned for 1 year all while maintaining my own hair—which included trimming, washing, and styling by moi.  One of the main brands that worked for me was Carol’s Daughter.  I loved rocking braidouts during my transition and CD’s Curl Milk played a key role in keeping them in tact. 

Will you be tuning into the movement?  If not, then what products works best for you during your time of transition?  Do tell…


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