Spring Closet Swap!

**THIS IS A REPOST FROM LAST SPRING…GOOD TIPS FOR THIS YEAR TOO!Hola peeps!  I hope all is good.  Spring has finally sprung and the temps are warming up **not fast enough here in NYC though**!  Finally, say bye-bye to wool coats, cashmere sweaters, and tall boots.  Now is the time to shine in bright colors, breezy sundresses and sandals.   To prepare for the change of the season a complete closet swap is much needed.  Organization is key and will make for a smoother process that will go by fast.  It is a great way to evaluate the goodies and not-so
goodies in your closet.

Here are some simple steps to get you started on your swap:

–start fresh…clear out all winter clothing in your closet

–sort into 3 groups…keep, donate, and trash

–organize/prep…wash the ”keep” group so items will be ready for storage

–store items…1) fold shirts/sweaters/pants so they can be stacked in storage bins/bags 2) dresses/heavy coats should remain hanging if space permits 3) winter accessories like scarves/hats/gloves can be put into small bins and stored in closets and under the bed

**Next…Pull Out the Spring Gear

–repeat…sort into groups (keep, donate, and trash)

–organize/prep to put away in the closet…fold knit shirts/leggings, get together hangers (i throw away worn out ones to avoid
damage to my clothes)

–store….1) hang pants/jeans/blouses/dresses and jackets 2) fold knits/tank tops/tees put into chest drawers and/or baskets 3) accessories such as belts/scarves can be neatly hung on closet door with an over-the-door organizers for easy access 4) if room permits a line shoes at the bottom the or use a shoe rack/boxes

–donate/trash….last but not least take the bags of summer and fall donations to a much-needed facility and trash the goods that cannot be salvaged

**Extra hints—Use matching hangers as it synchronizes the look of the closet which makes it easier on the eye, so you can focus on the clothes and not hideous wire hangers.   Also make use of unexpected storage areas—hanging racks on backs of closet doors, underbed bins and the top and bottom of closets to add extra space.

Finito…all done! The key is to get creative and have fun, as you never know what treasures you may find.  Happy Spring Closet Swap!

**I’m in the mist of my swap and I am finding mini treasures of my own. I think that I may share them in some sort of way ;o)  I will keep you guys posted!**



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