See what’s inside my curlBOX

Hola peeps!  My hair has been going through changes this winter season—sometimes I love it then again not so much.  When time permits I try to implement different styles and products into my daily routine yet my hair *IMO* needs a bit of new life.  As my frustration continues to build my fairy Hairmother looked out for me with the hairsaver—curlBOX.  Never heard of them?  Well if you don’t know they are a subscription based site that allows you to try out different products for your curlz every month at a reasonable price.  It is easy as you can sign up for a monthly subscription or a yearly and you can cancel without penalty at any time.  Now how’s that for ya!

I placed my order and waited with much anticipation about what I was going to get.  To my surprise it was better than expected.  This is what was inside:

*Hair Rules- Kinky Curling Creme and Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner

*Karen’s Body Beautiful- Sweet Ambrosia Leave-in-Conditioner

*Curly Hair Solutions– Extenzz

*Groove Therapy Detoxifying Hair Cleanser

*Sof n’ free Gro Healthy- Curly Pudding and Cleansing Conditioner

*Coupons for Huetiful and Curly Hair Solutions

Simple. Classy. Perfect.
The welcome card from the Editor Myleik featured a fab natural on front with BIG fluffy hair.
Hair goodies galore!

I have yet to try out all of the products but I have used the Hair Rules Kinky Curling Cream and so far I like it.  There will be a review of each but I feel like I need more time to test out the products, as I want to give a thorough and honest review.  I will most likely place an order for next month box *curious again*.  Interested in trying out curlBOX?  Go here and enjoy!


5 thoughts on “See what’s inside my curlBOX

    1. I know what you mean products and such can be expensive. I think that this is a good way to try it out without spending a load of money on full-size products that may not work. Def stay tuned for reviews.

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