NYFW Designer Pick Day 4—Diane Von Furstenberg

Hola!  Today is the 5th day of NYFW and we are still going strong!  However, let’s take a peek at my fave from day 4—Diane Von Furstenberg.  I must first say that Ms. DVF looked fab on the runway, chic as always.  This collection is much different from what we are used to seeing from her; as there were tons of color-blocking, puzzle pieces prints, and leather elbow length gloves all stood out on the runway.  I am lusting over all of the brights!  I say why wait until Fall I see these color combos in my Spring wardrobe line-up.  What are your thoughts?

Von Furstenberg RF12 5080
Diane looking extra fab in color-block!
Von Furstenberg RF12 4887
Love this Aqua and Red color combo!
Von Furstenberg RF12 4845
This yellow is beaming hot!
Von Furstenberg RF12 4874
Black with a splash of metallic---I can dig it!
Von Furstenberg RF12 4817
It wouldn't be DVF without fun prints!
Von Furstenberg RF12 4784
This pant suit is giving me life---although I think I would rock it with a hot red high heel!
Von Furstenberg RF12 4963
Fuschia pants + apple green halter = yum!




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