Do U Like—Willow’s FRESH do?

Hola peeps!  I just stumbled upon these pics of Miss Fresh Princess- Willow Smith showing off her shaved head proudly and I had to share!  Personally I think this is a much better look than the wigs, extensions and hair colors she has been rocking as of late.  It seems that Will and Jada allow their children to have a tremendous amount of creative freedom and that is cool.  This cut makes her look a little mature in one take then just like her daddy in the next…haha!  Either way I’m diggin it.

 So, do you like?




4 thoughts on “Do U Like—Willow’s FRESH do?

    1. I totally agree with you NHBG! Sadly some children are forced to do what the parents want or fulfill the parents dreams instead of their own. Therefore I think that it is great for children to be able to have creative freedom to express themselves in positive ways.

  1. I have to agree with you I was sick of the wigs and all that color in her hair. I like it. I would love for ARianna to get a bob but with playing basketball and her not being that responsible with her hair I think we need to hold off until she can start doing her own her. Kids grow so fast!!! 😦

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