Does your significant other care about your natural hair care routine?

Hola peeps!  Sorry I have been M.I.A. but I have been under the weather the last few days.  I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging for too long so here I am.  This past weekend I did a semi-blowout **check my FB fan page for pic** with very low heat because I wanted something different and I was tired of wetting my hair in this cold weather **hummm perhaps that is why I have been sick**.  I was stumped as what to do with it after I finished so I had a grand idea to either use a curling iron or straighten with a flat iron…that didn’t go over too well my bf.

I must say he doesn’t dictate what I do and don’t do to MY hair, as he has been one of my main supporters of my natural hair journey.  He was just shocked that I even had the thought to put heat to the tresses that I had worked so hard to maintain.  My first thought was…what do you care?…then I came to my senses and realized that he was right.  I preach that I haven’t and don’t plan on using direct heat **never say never** and there I was about to pull out my rusty curling iron.  Well, I snapped out of it and opted to put my hair in 6 loose twists.  So for the past few days I have been rocking a twist out on naturally stretched hair and I am loving it!

I have to give much thanks to my man **hehe** for bringing me back to reality and stopping me from damaging what I had worked so hard to achieve—natural healthy hair.  Here’s my question to you:

Does your signficant other care about your natural tresses just as much as you do?  Do tell…



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