2011 Reflections

Hola peeps!  Well here we are the last day of 2011 and it feels so good!  Time to give thanks for all the past blessings and looking forward to the ones to come.  This year has been a whirlwind for SNC but I am so happy that you guys have stuck with me through it all.  I was looking back at pics that I took this year and there are tons that didn’t make it to the blog and/or the facebook fan page *btw if you aren’t a fb fan by now then you are really missing out*.  So I thought why not share them now—a perfect way for you to see some behind the scenes shots at shows, a peek into my personal style and the hair ‘dos that I rock on occassion.

I hope that you enjoy my reflecting back and urge you to share some of your moments as well.  What worked or didn’t work for you this year—fashion or hair?  Don’t be shy the only way that we can learn from one another is to share the experience.  Here’s to a great 2012 year head!!

After the ARISE fashion show at Lincoln Center with Project Runway designer Epperson
Uberstylist Misa Hylton-Brimm @Arise show during NYFW
Raye 6 (center) at Nolcha Fashion Week
Taking a break at the IFB Con during NYFW
Wine and bags---R&Em Event (showroom)Models
Vlogger Tarin916 and my friend Shimika---beautiful natural chicas
Amazeballs hair day in hot August!
Pics @ CGC event
Rockin my curlz in a side puff back in Sept!
The fashionable and beautiful crowd at the Carlos Luna fashion show back in March!
Prepped and all ready for the show!
Joking around at the Women's Mafia/Arrojo Event---it was soooo hot that summer day!
Bob Mackie Art Event---love, love this!
Farai Simoyi---a personal fave and a seriously dope independent fashion designer

**These are only a few pics…I would add more but my laptop is acting a fool!  That is also on my list of goals this year—-MacBook Pro bound!  It is a must-have for any fashion blogger.  Have a very Happy and Safe New Year!!!



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