Comfy or Classy?

Hola peeps!  I hope all is good.  Since turkey day is right around the corner I have been thinking about what I am going to wear for the food festivities.  I’m debating between something Comfy or Classy

So here are two options that I came up with.  The first set is perfect for a laid-back holiday with the fam.  The jeans allow me to run around with my nieces and the Catherine Malandrino flowy top is perfect to cover up my belly bulge from overeating…haha.  My second look is more classy/chic; great if I were going to dinner at my boyfriend’s family house.  It is a bit refined but the cap-toe Givenchy shoes are calling for all eyes on me!

Hummmm…decisions.  I see the first set as my go to look for Thanksgiving as I want to be comfy all day!  What are you planning to wear?  Do tell…

Falling for Fall
Classy & Fabulous



2 thoughts on “Comfy or Classy?

    1. Yes that is the plan…to be comfy! Although I always have to be put together–no sweats, ratty old clothes for me. It is the holidays so I always like to be a bit dressed up and festive :o)

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