Hair Shedding—When is it Too Much?

Hola peeps!  We are finally getting closer to the weekend…yippy!  I need a little help from you all today.  Long before I went natural I experienced shedding; I never really thought much about it except that I had to lose some to gain some.  However, now 2 years in I am seeing an increase in the amount of hairs that I shed.  I read on that on average we shed 50 to 100 hairs daily.  I wash my hair once a week and typically I have the most shedding **atleast 2-3x the daily average** at that time.  I do have alot of hair but I think that is TOO much.  Do you agree?

The site continued to say that healthy eating habits, exercise and multi-vitamins can not only help your well-being but decrease shedding also.  I would like to add that a good trim and proper detangling will help also.  Now I am extending the baton to you, what are your suggestions to decrease shedding?

Here is a video by sweeteababy0427 for a Black Tea Rinse for Shedding Natural Hair:


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