The Enemy—Fairy Knots

Hola!  Ok so I have been fighting with my hair a lot lately **only to lose of course** because I am getting crazy amounts of Fairy Knots.  Some naturals may refer to them as Single Strand Knots (SSKS) but I say they are the enemy!  I rarely experienced these pesky little things when I had shorter hair.  Yet with growth knots make a grand appearance especially since my hair is just about at BSL when stretched.

Although I do my best to maintain and care for my hair, I cannot control these.  I am experiencing tremendous growth but with that the tangles and knots are coming on strong too.  Well, I don’t like losing so I am prepared to put up a fight.  My plan is to:

-Seek a professional natural hair stylist that will give me a proper TRIM, not a cut.

-Continue to wash my hair in sections, I will be increasing that to 4 instead of just 2.

-Experiment with more protective and stretched hairstyles to prevent tangles.

-Use more creams/butters vs gels especially since it is getting colder; most gels has glycerin in it anyway and that is something I don’t need in the winter.

So I need help, is there anything I should add on my To-Do list?  How do you combat fairy knots?  Do tell…



6 thoughts on “The Enemy—Fairy Knots

  1. Apply and lightly drag/massage a thick cream conditioner through your hair after washing to soften the hair/knots before combing. Also, whether wet or dry always comb your hair from the ends to the roots in small sections. After washing, I tend to comb my hair with the conditioner (and a bit of warm water) still in it (this really helps). I put it in a ponytail and then rinse it for more conrtrol.

    When I wore my natural curls/waves, I used a thick conditioning gel on my clean conditioned hair and pushed the curls in with a towel until it stopped dripping. I then let it dry and lightly scrunched the set into soft curls/waves. I didn’t comb my hair after that until it was time to wash it (I washed it every three to five days). This process allowed my hair to grow very long with little or no split ends or breakage.

    Of course, this was several years ago and you probably don’t use gel on your hair, but whatever you use, a good cream based conditioner really helps with general moisture, tangles and knots.

    Anyway, it seems like you’ve got it under control and that you’ll have super long flowing natural curls in no time!

    1. Thank you for all of your suggestions! I will def take them all into consideration. They are just annoying as I never had this problem with my long relaxed hair. I suppose with the curls my hair is more tangle/knot prone. Ick!

  2. Arianna was getting alot of knots in her hair but I caught on and noticed it was after she’d had her hair braided up. I noticed that if her hair was straightend out prior to washing it this didn’t happen. Plus I have been making her use a wide tooth comb and comb her hair as soon as she gets out the shower. I hated combing her hair with the knots made it more time comsuming than it already is and I was on the verge of taking scissors to her hair. She is at the age where she wants to try other things with her hair but your brother I don’t think is the keen on it. ***She wants a ear ring in the top of her ear*** I’m fine with letting her wait another 2yrs but I know Lance will flip.

    1. Hi! Yes those knots are a beast to get out of hair. I think that I will try more protective styles in hopes that it will help eliminate some of them. I am really not a braid type of chick **tend to like my hair to be free** so I get them alot being that my hair is always out. One suggestion that I received a la the Mane Man is to try adding more oil to the ends of my hair. Perhaps that will allow more slip and ease up on the tangles. You should give that a try on Arianna’s hair as well. That is too funny and very grown-up that she wants an ear piercing..haha. Yes let her wait a little while longer :o)

  3. I’ll definitely co-sign the trimming. My trims usually eliminate them for quite some time after but the other thing that I have some success with is using more oils on my ends too.

    1. Hi ManeMan! Yes usually trim my ends myself but I will def be visiting a professional stylist soon. Funny I just read somewhere that oiling the ends helps. I will try that too! Thanks for the info and for stopping by :o)

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