Fashion Finds—Gucci, Coach and more…

Hola peeps!  The weekend is finally here and I couldn’t be happier!  Today I am sharing a few fashion finds that I was able to scoop up a few weeks ago.  First up are the Gucci loafers and Coach clogs.  I was able to score both pairs for little to nothing!!  I took a few bags of items to Buffalo Exchange and they bought a some of my items and I would’ve either received cash back or a store credit of about $57.  Obviously I chose the latter after spying the loafers **slightly used** priced at only $32 and the clogs **brand new** for $38!  It is crazy what I paid for these shoes, def one of my best deals of the year for me!

Gucci loafers and Coach clogs purchased @ Buffalo Exchange

On another shopping day I wandered into Urban Outfitters and lucky for me they were having a sale with an extra 50% off! Shops like UO I always tend to go to the shoe sale rack because the quality of their clothings can be a bit questionable at times. I am so glad I did because I was able to get the Cooperative Suede Oxford Wedge for $10 and the Ecote Davidson Moto Boot for $15. If you want a pair for yourself head to UO online, unfortunately they won’t be a these great prices.  Have you purchased items on the cheap lately?  Do tell…

Cooperative Suede Oxford Wedge and Ecote Davidson Moto Boot



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